Whether you’re looking for an active holiday or just somewhere to lie back and relax in the sunshine, we have a carefully selected portfolio of adult only

For couples that are looking for a romantic getaway, having a honeymoon, or celebrating an anniversary without the stress, an all-inclusive adultsonly resort is the best option for you.

We currently feature 5 holidays in this range ...


Star Arctic Hotel & Sauna, Lapland

The Star Arctic Hotel is connected with the best that Lapland has to offer, pure magical nature, clean environment and exciting local culture.
Star Arctic Hotel, Lapland

The Caribbean

Bodyholiday, St Lucia

St Lucia's finest and most luxurious island resort provides a personalised service of spa treatments, there couldn’t be a more idyllic corner of the world to escape to
Bodyholiday, St Lucia

Boucan Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Tucked inside the oldest plantation on the lush island of St Lucia placed high among the rainforest and sun-dappled cocoa groves lie the Robot Estate, the setting for Boucan Restaurant
Boucan Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

San Hose, Arenel & Corcovado, Costa Rica

​The options to explore Costa Rica are extensive and we have an endless list of suggestions of how to do this
San Hose, Arenel & Corcovado, Costa Rica

The Indian Ocean

The Place Retreats Bali

The Place Retreats has been uniquely crafted to give guests a life-changing experience to relax their bodies, heal their minds, and restore their vitality. Our motto is ‘Be Who You Are’ simply because most of us fail to be that, due to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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